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LEADERSHIP to deliver results

Create Learning offers a number of workshops that contribute to building leadership capability in your business.

This ranges from skill specific to whole of business programs that can contribute to building a shared culture focused on people and performance. Leadership programs we offer include,

  • Goal setting
  • Building accountability
  • Creating a culture of feedback
  • Leadership coaching and mentoring
accredited consulting partner
Situational Leadership® II

Create Learning is also an accredited consulting partner with Blanchard International to deliver the globally acclaimed Situational Leadership® II program in Australia.

Situational Leadership® II has been the worlds most taught leadership model for more than 30 years with proven results in performance.

The Situational Leadership® II model benefits leaders in developing the critical skill set needed to create a high-performing organisation. Benefits include:

  • Leaders develop an acute awareness of their innate leadership-related strengths and areas for development
  • Leaders identify highly effective coaching conversations by understanding leadership style and impact
  • Leaders learn to skillfully influence up, down and across the organisation
  • Leaders create more productive teams/organisations by accelerating the development of individuals
  • Leaders develop engaged, committed employees by proactively addressing performance
  • Leaders effectively drive behaviour change and results through a practical language of leadership
  • Leaders build higher trust relationships with their teams by focusing on the attainment of shared goals

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